Experienced Team of Professionals

Water management and drilling specialists offering expert knowledge

All American Drilling founding staff have professional experience in water well permitting, design, drilling and development.

Our typical clients are:

  • Residential clients
  • Municipal water districts
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Land owner/management companies

Company History

All American Drilling Inc. (AAD) was formed in 2016 by John McCalip, Richard Banks and John Harris. The founder’s idea was to create a viable and responsible business to support water resources needs for residents and industries in the California Central Coast, Central Valley, and Southern California. The 3 founding partners experience in the drilling and water resources industry stems from years of experience in the agricultural water drilling and management, oil field services and hydrogeology and roles and previous positions.

Initially, AAD purchased its first drilling rig which has been actively drilling since the day was delivered to the Company. Through continued focus, AAD has continued to grow both geographically and by adding services to better serve its customers. Most recently, (April 2019) AAD acquired Fisher Pump and Well Services Inc, in Santa Maria, – substantially growing the Company’s well and pump deployment and maintenance products and services.

Our Team

John McCalip


John has been in the water drilling business since he graduated from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo in 2006. Before founding All American Drilling Inc, John owned and operated All West Drilling. Previously during John’s career, he has focused on drilling medium depth wells in the Santa Ynez Valley. He has drawn from this experience while building the All American Drilling company where he oversees all the drilling operations from Paso Robles to Los Angeles.

Richard Banks

Chief Operating Officer

Richard has been working in the water business for the last 5 years, since landing in the California Central Coast. Since leaving Santa Barbara City College in 2008, Rick has followed his passion for design and deployment of mechanical systems as underwater welder, oil and gas operations supervisor and water well design and drilling expert. At All American Drilling, Richard leads the permitting, business development and rig repairs.

John Harris

Vice President

John has been working in the water business for 15 years. Before joining All American Drilling John worked on developing geological models for groundwater basins in Southern California. At All American, John helps with business development, technical work and operations.

Scott Fisher

Manager of Pump Services

Scott has been working in the water business for 35 years. He founded Fisher Pump and Well Service in 1993 and expanded from 1 to 35 employees before merging with All American Drilling Inc. in May 2019. Scott currently manages the pump services, machine services, and provides his experienced opinion on all things water related.

In addition to management, All American Drilling Company has 45 employees who work on drilling rigs as programmers, machinists and welders. These drilling hands are responsible for the drilling of the wells and rig maintenance.

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